Helpful Online Gizmos for Guitar Players

By Mark Sandman

This month I thought I would share with you three online websites that Jam’n Java Open Mic guitar players might find both fun and useful.  What are your favorite online guitar gizmos or resources.  Share them with us!

Find That Chord or Scale 

The first, GuitarCodex helps you to find chords and scales and displays them on a graphical representation of a guitar fretboard.  A couple of features that I find particularly cool about this tool is that, in addition to looking up chords in standard tunings, you can also look up chords in many other tunings such as Drop D or Open G tuning.  Another great feature is that it allows you to do reverse lookups.  If you know a fingering on the guitar but don’t know what chord it is, you can click on the positions on the fretboard representation and it it will identify the chord for you.

Another Key Please

There are many web sites where you can find song lyrics with chords, typically with the chords shown about the lyrics.  But if you’re like me, often you find you want to transpose a song to another key.  You can capo up, but you can’t capo down.  Using this handy online tool, you can simply cut and paste the song into a window, select the key you want, and presto, it transposes it into the desired key.  Not bad.

Give Me Some Rhythm

These two sites provide fairly simple and straight-forward online drum machine that lets you create your own beats to jam to.  Fun to play with,  but I’m still looking for an online drum machine with pre-programmed patterns rather than having to start from scratch.

What are your favorite online guitar gizmos or resources.  Share them with us!

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